Food storage at premium quality

Food storage MIRAI

According to the latest scientific research, shock-freezing (at -60°С or lower) and storage at low-temperatures (-60°С and lower) enable excellent organoleptic quality and general appeal of food to be preserved.

Storing food at -60°С stops all intra-cellular biochemical processes and denaturation of proteins, doesnot damage tissue cells and prevents the formation of large ice crystals as it occurs at -18°C. Thus preservation at a temperature of -60°C maintains excellent quality of food such as fish, caviar, seafood, pork, beef, poultry, ready-to-cook products, fruits, berries, vegetables and other premium quality food products.

Deep-freezing storage

Due to the freezing of intra-cellular biochemical processes the flavour, vitamins, enzymes, proteins and other nutrients stay undamaged providing long-term storage and maintaining high nutritional value and taste of the products.

Such a method provides the user with long-term and effortless storage of food products while maintaining the highest nutritional value, compared to conventional methods of preservation.

Since no chemicals are used, our technology provides the most ecologically clean storage of food at premium quality.

The shelf life of deep-frozen products stored at -60°C is much longer than at conventional temperatures.


Humidity in the chamber is constantly maintained in the range of 0 – 2%, which makes defrosting unnecessary.

Our engineering solutions enable uniform distribution of temperature within the refrigerated chamber. Thus, products are refrigerated equally regardless of their positioning within the chamber.

Using natural air as a working fluid reduces maintenance costs because there is no need to refill refrigerants, minimises human impact on the environment and serves as the safest alternative to conventional systems.

There is no need to refill or change oil and maintain oil system as ‘MIRAI Cold’ does not use any oil. Due to this feature the system is safer, costs less and has a longer service life.


Easy to use and control ‘MIRAI Cold’ machine complies with all the necessary requirements for long-term and effortless storage of food. Accompanied by features like:

  • 30% reduced power consumption
  • No build-up of ice
  • Customized automatic control system
  • Emergency electric power supply system
  • Reduced heat loss
  • Safe operation regardless of climate conditions, resistant to ambient temperatures from -50°С to +50°С
  • Low noise / absence of vibration
  • Stepless regulation of the refrigeration capacity from 30% to 100%
  • Can be mounted into any existing cold room